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Love N' Stuff

“Bright colors, bold words, cheerful designs and clever details, make the art of CHRIS DAVENPORT fun for all ages.” 

It is all about ideas.  My designs and artwork were created by hand with the technical assistance of commercial artist Kimberly Knoll.  Imagine doing all this work without the benefit of computers, photoshop, home color printers, digital cameras, iPhones or Fed-X!  I still work the old fashioned way…by hand.  It is a lot of work but I enjoy the creative process.  “LOVE N’ STUFF” designs were licensed to a number of manufacturers in the giftware industry.  They were featured on a variety of ENESCO products including mugs, figurines, kitchen stuff, plaques, colorful tins, everything Christmas and many more fun gift items for all occasions.  

“LOVE N’ STUFF” is a United States of America registered Trademark with the Office of Patents and Trademarks No.1340775.

Love 'n Stuff theme by Chris Davenport Dok
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