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Fine Art Paintings

I have Marilyn Dorsa to thank for introducing me to fine art painting using oils and acrylics.  Every year Marilyn and Frank Dorsa sponsor painting classes at their beautiful La Rusticana d’Orsa estate vineyard in Los Gatos.  Wherever your eye rests there are magnificent views of the valley or intimate vignettes just begging to be painted.  Whether it is a lily pond or a bronze sculpture, grapevines or oaks, or the many rescue dogs roaming the grounds, everything is inspirational.  A wonderful camaraderie is shared by the students and instructors over classic Tuscan-style lunches prepared by Chef Franca Coletta.  And of course they serve La Rusticana d’Orsa award-winning wines.

Most of the time I paint with a pallet knife.  It is fun to spread buttery oil paint on to a canvas like frosting a cake.  Delicious!

Fine Art Painting theme by Chris Davenport Dok
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