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"Feeling Groovy" Chris Pins

I was lucky to grow up in a big family.  We were always doing something "crafty."  I can still hear my amazing mother saying, "What fun thing shall we do today?"  There was always the delicious aroma of cookies baking, constant activity, creative craft and needlework projects of all kinds going on.  One day she saw a recipe for "Play Clay" on the side of the Arm & Hammer baking soda box and "The Flower Pin" business was born!  Mom made the dough and I made the pins...listening to the happy, up-lifting tunes of the 60's.  LOVE, LOVE...LOVE is all we need...The Beatles, The Mammas & The Papas, Sinatra, Beach Boys, Tom Jones, Doors, The Rolling Stones plus many, many more.

Hours of painting baking soda and cornstarch "Feeling Groovy" flower pins to these popular songs influenced forever my designs, art work and general out look on life.

It was a lot of labor intensive hard work, and really fun too!  The pins sold well enough to help pay for college at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo where I majored in Art, Home Economics, and "Fun and a good time!"  Thanks Mom!

Painting cornstarch and baking soda pins at Cal Poly - The Garfield Arms

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